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Re-Engineering An Award Winning Tool

31 Mar, 2015 | Return|

Improving on an award-winning design, Norbar Torque Tools has re-engineered its Professional Torque Wrench with new and improved components that deliver accuracy, durability and comfort, as standard.

First launched into the market in 1984 and following an extensive face-lift in 2000, the Professional Torque Wrench has become one of the world’s most popular wrench ranges. This version now features all new components that contribute to providing greater scale visibility, increased operational speed and improved ergonomics.

Featuring a harmonic drive scale, the New Professional Torque Wrench, provides a long scale length for good resolution and accuracy in both scale units. In contrast, wrenches operating a micrometre type scale allow accurate setting in the primary scale unit but offer relatively poor accuracy in the secondary units, due to limited resolution.

For operators, this can be a major consideration, which when combined with Norbar's 60 per cent increased scale size places the Professional Torque Wrench amongst the easiest wrenches on the market to set accurately. Furthermore, with the ability to make adjustments 40 per cent faster and with little effort; operators who adjust their wrench regularly, can work much faster and therefore reduce the time the task takes.

After obtaining user feedback, the lock is now a push/pull type, with a coloured band to highlight that the wrench is unlocked. The handle has also been re-designed to be more comfortable for the user, featuring a more ergonomic shape and a higher proportion of high-grip material.

Philip Brodey, Sales and Marketing Director for Norbar Torque Tools, said:

“We are delighted to be able to launch this solution into the market. We believe that the enhancements to the product improve the functionality of the wrench and therefore the operators experience.

One such example of this is the inclusion of a TimeStrip® on the wrench. While many users are aware that wrenches should be calibrated once a year, or more frequently in harsh environments or as a result of high usage, it can be easily overlooked. That’s why the new tool features a clear visual indication of when a calibration check is due and includes 3, 6, 9 and 12 month graduations.”

Further engineering enhancements ensure the wrench is as easy to service as possible and should therefore result in a longer life expectancy and ultimately, lower lifetime costs. The tool also features two compression springs positioned in line, to improve performance and repeatability.

In addition, ratchets have been re-designed to be stronger and easier to use. The Industrial version now features a finger grip which can be used to run down the nut for faster operation. Likewise, the 200 N·m Automotive type ratchet is a new design with increased strength and longer life.

For further information, please visit the Norbar website

TimeStrip® is a registered trademark of TimeStrip® UK Ltd.

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