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Norbar Launches New T-Box XL™

01 Jul, 2014 | Return|

Norbar Torque Tools has launched its new comprehensive torque data management instrument, the T-Box XL™ and Torque Data Management System (TDMS), specifically designed for torque calibration laboratories and torque process control in the production environment.

T-Box XL™ builds on the previous T-Box instrument but now features a 7” high definition colour touch screen and an upgraded processor that allows for faster synchronisation with the supplied Torque Data Management (TDMS) PC software. Most importantly, Norbar have listened carefully to the views from the marketplace to then develop the original T-Box and TDMS software into an even more sophisticated and user-friendly system for the capture and management of torque data either from the laboratory or production processes.

The comprehensive new instrument functions in twelve languages, has all common torque units, pre-loaded tool calibration templates and a large memory for results storage. In addition to this, the T-Box XL™; also features a USB interface which connects to a computer allowing the supplied TDMS software to provide the archiving of test, calibration and graphical results.

Further USB connection on the front of the instrument allows for the connection of ancillary devices such as bar code scanners and keyboards.

Philip Brodey, Sales and Marketing Director for Norbar Torque Tools, said:

“As a calibration instrument for all types of torque-controlled tool, the T-Box XL™ together with TDMS and appropriate transducers not only offer the expected Norbar accuracy in capturing torque data, the system then provides the software tools for managing a fleet of torque tools over multiple departments or companies.

However, the capability of T-Box XL™; goes way beyond this. It can also be used as a tool controller and can provide, via TDMS, data archiving and statistical process control. Combined with torque and angle transducers, T-Box XL™ can be used for sophisticated joint profile analysis and other applications in which it is vital to understand torque vs. time or torque vs. angle relationships such as valve actuation.

The product has a number of functions and is designed to be user-friendly, with the option of using it as a hand-held device or be bench mounted. Ultimately, it offers customers a more accurate and faster data management system that will enable operators to record results for the purpose of control, monitoring and traceability.”

T-Box XL™ features eight different tool measurement modes and is pre-loaded with templates for the entire Norbar product range of torque wrenches. This enables the user to simply assign individual tools to perform calibrations to the relevant ISO standard. Templates also exist for all torque tools covered by ISO 6789:2003 and other templates can easily be created by the operator.

The new TDMS offers better user-friendly interaction and is remotely update-able by simply downloading an upgrade direct from the Norbar website. It also contains a large capacity memory that enables operators to collect data and store in excess of 100,000 individual test results.

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