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Norbar Launches New Electronic Torque Wrench

24 Feb, 2014 | Return|

To meet the demands of industry for quality control and production traceability, Norbar has designed an electronic torque wrench that is capable of measuring, displaying, storing and transmitting torque and angle target results and receiving configuration settings from TDS (Torque Data System) computer software via a USB or wireless interface.

The new electronic torque wrench will provide operators with a complete data management and archiving system. Two-way data management capabilities also mean that multiple targets can be sequenced and linked as well as tool settings configured at PC.

NorTronic® is easy to use with two full colour OLED displays positioned at 90° to each other so the display can be seen whether operating in the vertical or horizontal plane. The new tool is also protected against dust and water ingress, has a one-piece aluminium handle and comes with a robust extruded aluminium case.

Philip Brodey, Sales and Marketing Director at Norbar Torque, commented:

“We’re thrilled to launch such a quality product to the market. This is our very first electronic torque wrench and we wanted to be sure that it matched the quality of our other torque solutions – NorTronic® certainly achieves this.

Torque combined with angle tightening methods can eradicate much of the uncertainty in the tightening process by reducing the reliance on torque control alone. An electronic torque and angle wrench like the NorTronic® measures both applied torque and angular rotation. This one tool eliminates the need for using an angle gauge or protractor together with the torque wrench. Ultimately it is more accurate, faster and will enable operators to record results for the purpose of process monitoring, control and traceability.”

The NorTronic® is a hugely accurate tool, guaranteeing ±1% accuracy between 20 and 100% of wrench operating capability, ±2% accuracy between 10 and 19% of wrench operating capacity, clockwise and counter clockwise angle calibration and even comes with a unique to the market Torque and Angle Calibration Certificate.

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