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Norbar Launches New Electronic Torque Tool

24 Feb, 2014 | Return|

Norbar Torque Tools has launched a new electronic torque tool, the EvoTorque® designed to offer users unprecedented joint control.

Norbar, the world’s leading torque company, has designed the EvoTorque® to ensure that operators have the correct torque output from hard through to soft joints by utilising patent pending motor technology and control software. The EvoTorque® can also safely be used on pre-tightened bolts as part of a joint verification process.

Torque control or angle control can be selected by the user on the tool and a clear signal on the tool indicates when the correct torque or angle has been achieved. Crucially, the EvoTorque® has a third party verified sound power of 72.3 dB (A) and vibration level of 0.304 m/s2; which significantly reduces any possibility of medical or health and safety related issues such as hearing loss or White Finger during use.

The range is available in both 110V and 230V versions. Importantly, the EvoTorque® is weather sealed to IP44 and equipped with a maintenance free motor.

Stuart Clarke, torque specialist at Norbar Torque Tools commented:

“The new EvoTorque® utilises state-of-the-art motor technology and control software to offer unsurpassed joint control when tightening or as part of a joint verification process. Crucially, the new EvoTorque® will protect the health and safety of users, reducing noise and vibration levels significantly and as a result, reducing instances of White Finger and general fatigue.”

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