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Norbar Launch New Torque Multiplier

21 May, 2013 | Return|

Norbar Torque Tools is proud to announce the launch of its PneuTorque® PTM-92-4000, a powered torque multiplier ideal for the open cast mining industry where large haul trucks are used.

The PTM-92-4000 replaces Norbar’s PTM-92-3500 in the existing PTM-92 series. The new multiplier offers an increase in torque output from the 92 mm gearbox, made possible with a new output carrier manufactured from a high strength, specialist steel. The update comes as part of Norbar’s on-going policy of continual improvement.

Philip Brodey, Sales and Marketing Director at Norbar, said: “This update will enable us to put an even better product out on the market for our customers especially for those maintaining mining haul trucks where large numbers of bolts need tightening.

The improved offering demonstrates our commitment as a company to continually provide the very best torque tooling products to the marketplace.

PneuTorque operation is extremely quiet - less than 85dB (A) - with absolutely no impacting, making them comfortable for the operator to use, reducing fatigue and consequently increasing safety.

The PneuTorque PTM-92-4000, like other PneuTorque’s, consists of a robust air motor driving a Norbar multiplier with three or more stages of epicyclic gearing. Torque control is achieved by adjustment of the air pressure.

An air pressure versus torque graph and a calibration certificate is supplied with each tool and allows specific torque values to be set. For more critical applications, PneuTorque’s can be fitted with a torque transducer and the precise torque output displayed. The tool can then be shut off at the desired torque either manually or automatically using suitable control circuitry.

Models are available up to 300,000 N·m (220,000 lbf·ft).

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